4370 – AP16 IF ELITE

Closed AP16 IF ELITE system


                  • • Automated processing system for immunofluorescence (IFA) slides
                  • Precise and accurate liquid handling with one needle for dispensing
                  •    and dilution and one needle for aspiration
                  • • Reliability and traceability by identification of reagents,
                  •    samples and components
                  • • Optimized protocols and racks for Medipan IFA kits
                  • • Single run throughput of up to 192 wells
                  • • Export of all relevant results in pdf or xml file format
                  • • Connectivity with akiron® NEO
                  • • LIS connectivity


The AP16 IF BLOT ELITE is an innovative and fast pipetting system designed for immunofluorescence (IFA) slide processing manufactured by our partner DAS Srl with the latest technologies.

The AP16 IF ELITE instrument can process up to 16 IFA slides and 160 samples, performing tasks such as sample identification and dilution, sample and reagent dispensing, incubation, and slide well washing with precision and accuracy. It supports IFA diagnostics and serves as an automated IFA processor for slide preparation, covering parameters such as antibodies against HEp-2 cells (ANA), granulocytes (ANCA), CLIFT (dsDNA), several tissues as well as against specific antigens using the CytoBead® technology.

The AP16 IF ELITE is the ideal system for processing our IFA tests for automated processing, thanks to the optimized protocols, the customized rack, and the connectivity with akiron® NEO.

Product Specifications

Product code 4370
Dimensions / Weight 62 cm x 82 cm x 72 cm (W x D x H) / 75 kg
Description Automated system for immunofluorescence processing
Slide capacity 16
Sample capacity 160
Barcode reader 1D and 2D
Dilution positions 264
Parameters ANA, ANCA, nDNA, CytoBead®, Tissue Sections (e.g. EmA)
Methods Method capacity up to 8 different tests in parallel
Connectivity akiron® NEO and bidirectional to LIS

Free downloads

  Flyer [AP16 IF ELITE][eng]

Current version of the instructions for use. The respective valid version for processing the test can be found in the product packaging.