4450 – akiron® NEO


  • • Automated digital benchtop IFA analyzer with small footprint
  • • ANA / ANCA pattern recognition and intensity evaluation of processed slides
  • • AI-based software
  • • ANA / ANCA titer determination from only one standard sample dilution
  • • Imaging of tissue sections (e.g. EmA, …)
  • • CLIFT for determination of antibodies against dsDNA
  • • Quantification of antibody activities in U/mL or IU/mL using the CytoBead®
  •    technology
  • • Results in 35 seconds*
  • • User-friendly touch screen monitor
  • • Archiving of results for quality assured data management
  • • Export of all relevant results in pdf- or xls-file format
  • • LIS Connectivity


The akiron® NEO is a compact benchtop IFA analyzer for automated digital imaging of processed immunofluorescence slides to support the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. The akiron® NEO software based on artificial intelligence (AI) allows for an objective ANA / ANCA pattern recognition and intensity evaluation in about 35 seconds.* Validated akiron® NEO assay files support the standardized evaluation of a variety of immunofluorescence assays ranging from determination of antibodies against HEp-2 cells (ANA), granulocytes (ANCA), CLIFT (dsDNA), several tissues as well as against specific antigens using the CytoBead® technology. The powerful easy-to-use akiron® NEO with a small footprint is indispensable for all routine diagnostic services in rheumatology and gastroenterology and not only for laboratories with limited bench space.


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Product Specifications

Title akiron® NEO
Product code 4450
Dimensions / Weight 32 cm x 28 cm x 46 cm (L x W x H) / 15 kg
Indication Autoimmune diseases
Description Automated System for Standardized Immunofluorescence Imaging
Optics LED (3 wavelengths)
Objective 20x
Filters blue / green / red
Capacity 2 Slides
Analysis Cell and Tissue Imaging, Cell Pattern Recognition, Intensity Evaluation, End-Point Titer Determination
Parameters ANA, ANCA, nDNA, CytoBead®, Tissue Sections (e.g. EmA)
Report Overall and Single Report, Documentation, Archival Storage
Connectivity Pipettor and bidirectional to LIS

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