5075 – DotDiver2.0


• Automated LINE / Dot immunoblot benchtop analyzer with small footprint
• User-friendly software
• Simultaneous performance of up to 24 different tests
• Ready-to-use reagents and test strips
• Automated barcode identification of test strips and cartridges
• Integrated drying of processed test strips
• Evaluation of processed test strips
• Export of results in pdf- or xls-file format or as paper print out
• LIS connectivity
• Low-maintenance, no liquid handling


DotDiver2.0 is a compact benchtop immunoblot analyzer for automated processing and evaluation of LINE and Dot immunoblots to support the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. Barcoded DotDiver2.0 test strips and cartridges ensure the correct combination of reagents and the quality assured handling of a wide range of immunoblots for rheumatology and gastroenterology in laboratory routine. Ready-to-use DotDiver2.0 reagents in pre-filled disposable cartridges minimize laborious hands-on time after manual sample application. The user-friendly DotDiver2.0 software guarantees the reliable evaluation of processed immunoblot test strips. The powerful easy-to-use DotDiver2.0 with a small footprint is indispensable for diagnostic routine services.

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Product Specifications

Title DotDiver2.0
Product Code 5075
Indication Autoimmune Diseases
Dimensions / Weight 34 cm x 42cm x 36.5 cm (L x W x H) / 15 kg
Description Compact and Automated LINE / Dot Immunoblot Analyzer
Format Antigen coated Test Strips | Ready-to-Use Reagent Cartridges
Capacity 1 – 24 Samples / Test Strips
Connectivity Bidirectional to LIS

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