6118, 6119 – Calprotectin Rapid

Intended Purpose

The Calprotectin Rapid is a qualitative immunoassay for the determination of Calprotectin in human stool samples. The Calprotectin Rapid intended as an aid in the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease in conjunction with other clinical and laboratory findings. The immunoassay is designed for manual professional in vitro diagnostic use.

Diagnostic Relevance

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is diagnosed via the detection of faecal calprotectin. Calprotectin, mainly located in cytoplasmic neutrophil granulocytes, plays a major role in immune response following its releases after activation of neutrophils. The released calprotectin act as markers of inflammation evident by their presence in the serum, body fluids and faeces; thus acting as alternative marker of neutrophil entry into the intestinal lumen: In this way, organically induced intestinal diseases can be effectively differentiated from functional intestinal disorders like irritable bowel syndrome.

Product Specifications

Title Calprotectin Rapid
Product code 6118 or 6119
Indication Inflammatory bowel disease
Description Rapid immunochromatographic test for the determination of calprotectin in human stool samples
Format Test strips coated with monoclonal antibodies against calprotectin
Incubation time 10 min.
Sample volume 1-2 g/mL stool sample
No. of determinations 1 (1 x 1) or 10 (10 x 1) determinations

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