5066 – DotDiver ANAcyto 10

The DotDiver ANAcyto 10 is a qualitative dot immunoassay for the determination of IgG antibodies against nuclear and cytoplasmic antigens (Jo-1, PL-7, PL-12, EJ, OJ, KS, ZO, HA, SRP and P0) in human serum. The DotDiver ANAcyto 10 is intended as an aid in the diagnosis of autoimmune myositis diseases in conjunction with other clinical and laboratory findings.

Polymyositis, an idiopathic inflammatory muscle disorder with unclear etiology, is characterized by muscle weakness, atrophy of peripheral muscles, biochemical and electromyographic signs of muscle damage, with skin alterations. Autoantibodies to t-RNA synthetases are found in a large group of myositis patients. Specific autoantigens in polymyositis include histidyl (Jo-1), threonyl (PL-7), alanyl (PL-12), glycyl (EJ), isoleucyl (OJ), asparaginyl (KS), tyrosyl (HA), and phenylalanyl (ZO) synthetases.

Dot immunoassays are frequently used for the determination of specific antibodies directed against multiple antigens. The test strips are coated with various antigens in consistent intervals. If antibodies are present in the patient´s sample, they bind to the respective antigens. A secondary antibody conjugated with the enzyme alkaline phosphatase detects the generated immune complexes. A colorless substrate is converted into a colored, insoluble product. The signal intensity of the precipitated reaction product is proportional to the antibody activity in the sample.

The DotDiver ANAcyto 10 is designed for semi-automated use with the DotDiver instrument.

The GA Generic Assays DotDiver2.0 is a fully automated processor of Line and Dot immunoassays. The small footprint renders the device an ideal solution for laboratories with small space. With a unique software design, the device provides a completely hands-free experience for quantitative, semi-quantitative and qualitative testing via repeated diving of the antigen coated strips into the ready to use cartridges. This special setup provides an optimal reaction environment with reduced assay processing and result analysis time for up to 24 different tests or samples simultaneously.

Product summary

Title DotDiver ANAcyto 10
Product code 5066
Indication Autoimmune myositis diseases
Description Dot immunoassay for the qualitative determination of IgG antibodies against nuclear and cytoplasmic antigens in human serum
Format Test strips coated with Jo-1, PL-7, PL-12, EJ, OJ, KS, ZO, HA, SRP and P0
Total incubation time 64 min.
Sample volume 10 µL serum
No. of determinations 24 x 10

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