4319 – AKLIDES® Immunology

Worldwide first and fully automated system for standardized immunofluorescence imaging and data processing, AKLIDES® system digital fluorescence microscope is used in immunofluorescence tests on glass slides for the automated determination of ANA, ANCA, nDNA, analysis of microparticles (Cytobead®) and for documentation of tissue sections.

Controlled by the AKLIDES® Software, the AKLIDES® system has the ability to produce valid standardized analyses and to document immunofluorescence assays electronically to augment daily laboratory routine in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. The AKLIDES system offers users the following advantages; high sample throughput by combining measurement and analysis, electronic documentation and data transfer within a network, automatic endpoint titre determination for ANA and ANCA from one serum dilution and processing of multipara-metric assays by combining cell and microparticles analysis, as in the CytoBead Technology.

Product summary

Title AKLIDES System
Product code 4319
Size/Weight 65 cm x 67 cm x 32 cm (L x W x H) / 78 kg
Indication Autoimmune diseases
Description Fully automated system for standardized immunofluorescence imaging and data processing
Illumination 4 wavelengths LED
Objectives 2 different objectives (10x, 40x)
Filter sets blue/green/orange/red
Slide amount 5 slides
Analysis Pattern, intensity, end-point-titre, cell & tissue imaging
Parameters ANA, ANCA, EmA, nDNA, CytoBead®, Tissue Sections
Report Overall report & single report, Documentation, Archival storage
Connectivity Pipettor (AKENOMI NEO), LIMS, Aklides System Software (Reading and evaluation)

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