AKENOMI NEO is a compact and highly flexible instrument providing cost-effective automation for IFA assays. The device performs all the following assay processes:

  • Sample pipetting
  • Slide washing
  • Reagent addition
  • Flexible incubation times

AKENOMI NEO works in connection with AKLIDES® & akiron® Systems,  fully automated systems for standardized immunofluorescence imaging and data processing, used in immunofluorescence tests on glass slides for the automated determination of ANA, ANCA, nDNA, analysis of microparticles (Cytobead®) and for documentation of tissue sections.

The compact design of AKENOMI NEO helps to maximize the use of limited bench space and has the capacity of processing batches of up to 64 samples and 12 IFA slides at a time. The IFA Application Software is designed with optimized user experience and interface; hence, all assay parameters can be entered by means of a simple spreadsheet interface with instant online help available for each parameter. Processing of profile with multiple tests is facilitated by easy instructions prompted by the device and the user is as to where to start loading each type of slide. Once processing is underway, the graphical interface provides continuous information on the progress of the batch. See more details in the downloadable product information.

Product summary

Product code 4159
Size/Weight 66 cm x 74 cm x 82.5 cm (W x D x H) / 65 kg
Indication Autoimmune diseases
Description Fully Automated IFA Processor for the AKLIDES® & akiron® Systems
Slide capacity 12
Barcode readers 1D and 2D
Analysis IFA analysis
Parameters ANA, c/pANCA, nDNA, RPGN, CytoBead®, Tissue
Report Overall report & single report, Documentation, Archival storage
Connectivity LIMS, Aklides System Software (Reading and evaluation)