The AKLIDES® is worldwide the first fully automated system for standardized immunofluorescence imaging and data processing. Using the AKLIDES® every lab has the ability to produce valid analyses and to document them electronically.

The AKLIDES® system is used in the field of immunology, especially for immunofluorescence tests on glass slides measuring ANA, ANCA, nDNA, for analysis of microparticles (Cytobead®) and for documentation of tissue sections.

  • Processing of all immunofluorescence assays (IFA) for the therapeutic indication of autoimmune diagnostics
  • Standardized positive/negative decision and automated pattern recognition
  • No more costly titer determinations
  • Modular software design.
  • Fully automated fluorescence microscope with grey scale camera (1.3 megapixel), LED light source with 4 wavelengths (400 nm DAPI; 470 nm FITC; 535 nm Rhodamin; 635 nm APC) and 2 objectives (10x; 40x)
  • Motorized x-y sample stage for 5 slides
  • Analysis of fluorescence intensity including pattern evaluation
  • Documentation of findings as image files (TIF format) and export of results in Excel or as a PDF
  • Connection to a pipetting robot and LIMS via XML files

Screening of autoantibodies via immunofluorescence on cell substrates is until now the gold standard for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.

Evaluation processes for immunofluorescence assays can be standardized using the AKLIDES® system.

  • Recognition and analysis of fluorescence patterns for ANA, ANCA, nDNA
  • Quantification of fluorescence intensities for individual patterns
  • End point titer analysis for ANA and ANCA
  • Overview images for tissue sections
  • Measurement and quantification of microparticle reactivities
  • Generation and adaptation of measured and lot specific standard curves

Documentation and archiving of data and images.

The AKLIDES® System is a fully automated system for measurement and analysis, which facilitates the daily routine in the laboratory. The following aspects permit to save time and money:

  • High sample throughput by combining measurement and analysis
  • Electronic documentation
  • Transfer of data within a network
  • Automatic endpoint titer determination for ANA and ANCA from one serum dilution
  • Processing of multiparametric assays by combining cell and microparticle Analysis.

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