akiron® A space saver for every laboratory!

The akiron® is a smaller version of the AKLIDES® for the fully automated and standardized imaging and data processing of immunofluorescence. High quality, simple and universal, it proves its worth every day in the laboratory, particularly for those with small lab space.

Applications for the akiron® are in the field of immunology. On the one hand traditional tests for the detection of autoantibodies like HEp-2 cells (ANA), granulocytes (ANCA) and tissues (several antibodies) can be anlaysed with this system. On the other hand it is characterized through the revolutionary CytoBead® technology for ANA, ANCA, RPGN and celiac disease diagnosis.

  • Automated screening, endpoint titer and pattern analysis (HEp-2 and granulocytes)
  • Analysis of the fluorescence of antigen coated microparticles
  • Evaluation of AKLIDES® CytoBead® assays with quantitative results through lot-specific calibration
  • Documentation and archiving of data and image results.
  • Fully automated fluorescence microscope with grey scale camera (1.3 megapixel), LED light source with 3 wavelengths (400 nm DAPI; 470 nm FITC; 625 nm APC) and one objective (20x)
  • Motorized x-y sample stage for 5 slides or microtiter plate
  • Analysis of fluorescence intensity including pattern evaluation
  • Documentation of findings as image files (TIF format) and export of results in Excel or as a PDF

Screening of autoantibodies via immunofluorescence on cell substrates is until now the gold standard for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.

Evaluation processes for immunofluorescence assays can be standardized using the akiron® system.

  • Recognition and analysis of fluorescence patterns for ANA and ANCA
  • Quantification of fluorescence intensities for individual patterns
  • End point titer analysis for ANA and ANCA
  • Overview images for tissue sections
  • Measurement and quantification of microparticle reactivities
  • Generation and adaptation of measured and lot specific standard curves
  • Documentation and archiving of data and Images.

The akiron® proves to be a space-saver for the small or medium sized laboratory, which makes the everyday laboratory routine easier. It is a multifunctional device for the analysis of fluorescence based immunoassays, automized and without time consuming manual laboratory work.

Other features offer time and money saving advantages:

  • Higher sample throughput through the combination of test processing and analysis
  • Secure electronic documentation
  • Automatic import and export of data within a network
  • Automatic endpoint titer analysis of ANA and ANCA from one serum dilution, saving expensive titrations
  • Processing of multiparameter tests using CytoBead® technology.