akiron® NEO Small and Fast System for Automation of IFA

akiron®NEO is a small instrument for the fully automated and standardized imaging  and  data  processing  of  immunofluorescence  assays  in autoimmune   diseases. The easily operated imager provides high quality results in every day laboratory routine and a short period of time.

akiron®NEO proves to be invaluable for all of those users having small lab bench space available only.

Applications for the akiron® NEO are available in a big variety of tests ranging from the detection of autoantibodies to HEp-2 cells (ANA) and granulocytes (ANCA), as well as tissues (several antibodies) and automated CytoBead® Assays in the area of gastroenterology and rheumatology (especially for connective tissue diseases and vasculitis).


  • Fully automated screening and objective pattern and intensity evaluation of cells (ANA and ANCA) in about 30 seconds
  • Easily operated by touchscreen
  • Digital archiving of fluorescence images and results allows searching of results even after years (data management included)
  • Quantification of antibodies (CytoBead® technology) in U/ml or IU/ml with lot specific standard curves using the microbeads 4-point calibration; comparable to ELISA) 
  • Automated titer detection based on the screening dilution (ANA and ANCA)
  • Documentation of tissue sections via overview images
  • Standardized and reliable results between different instruments due to intensity calibration
  • Overall report of all relevant results in pdf- and xls-formats
  • Single well report in pdf-format (including cell images)
  • LIMS Connectivity



Upright, with 90° folded lightpath


Objective lens



On screen magnification

360x (with 20x lens)


Light source

High power LEDs (maintenance free)


Fluorescence channels

3 channels:  blue (DAPI), green (FITC), red (Cy5)



2.3 MPix; 1/1,2’’ CMOS



Adaptive image based autofocus; moving lens;1 mm range; 1 µm resolution



Motorized 80 mm x 100 mm range


Image acquisition

Preset and user generated scripts



Up to 24 samples (2 slides)


2 USB; 1 Ethernet



Size (HxWxD)


32 cm x 28 cm x 46 cm

8 kg


Power requirements

12 V DC; <5 A

The akiron®NEO proves to be a space-saver for the small or medium sized laboratory, which makes the everyday laboratory routine easier. It is a multifunctional device for the analysis of fluorescence based immunoassays, automized and without time consuming manual laboratory work.

Other features offer time and money saving advantages:

  • Higher sample throughput through the combination of test processing and analysis
  • Secure electronic documentation
  • Automatic import and export of data within a network
  • Automatic endpoint titer analysis of ANA and ANCA from one serum dilution, saving expensive titrations
  • Processing of multiparameter tests using CytoBead® technology.