Company Profile

Medipan GmbH was founded in 1992 and is an independent, family company.

The company started with the marketing of radioimmunoassays for the characterization of thyroid function, disease and tumor markers, with its partners from nuclear medicine laboratories, firstly within Germany but soon from other countries of the world too.

Later, the product portfolio expanded to include non-radioactive tests, and also tests to detect autoantibodies found in patients suffering from autoimmune type 1 diabetes. These diabetes antibody assays are now sold in more than 30 countries, from China to Chile.

Medipan GmbH is a continuously growing company, in the domestic and international diagnostic markets. Today, our company is an innovative and world renowned partner for laboratories and physicians, for the indications above and also in the fields of rheumatic and neurological disease.

In 2009, Medipan GmbH became the first company in the world to introduce a commercially available system for the fully automated, objective evaluation of cell-based immunofluorescence tests. The AKLIDES® system marked a new milestone in the development of the immunofluorescence method - one of the oldest and most widespread laboratory procedures for the diagnosis of autoimmune disease. The now-possible standardization and mathematically proven prediction of antibody concentration were the reasons that the system has received several awards.

The latest development of the AKLIDES® system is its expansion to further applications:

  • The automated measurement of the revolutionary combination of cell-based immunofluorescence for screening with bead-based confirmation - the CytoBead® products - a development of sister company GA Generic Assays for the diagnosis of autoimmune disease - opens the opportunity for a totally new organization of laboratory processes.
  • The dedicated, objective and fast measurement of DNA damage and repair processes via specific fluorescence markers has the potential for many applications: individualization of radiation treatment and chemotherapy, particularly for children; assessment of metabolic or physiologic disorders; or other parameters based on the same principles.

These developments will continue and Medipan GmbH is always open to new suggestions and collaborations.