Over 20 years of radioimmunoassays for diabetes diagnostics!

Why should radioactive test reagents still be used in routine diagnostics, as nowadays more and more people disapprove radioactive technology?

To put it simple: many areas of modern medicine would not be possible without the use of radioactive treatments and in the field of diagnostics there are many radioactive test reagents that are still recognized as “gold standard” methods.

Today the number of companies still offering radioimmunoassay (RIA) reagents is becoming smaller and smaller. We at MEDIPAN are proud to announce that we continue to manufacture RIAs for diabetes diagnostics (with parameters such as anti-GAD, anti-IA2 and insulin for type 1 diabetes) and to continue providing these to diagnostic laboratories/customers, allowing to keep up the “gold standard” method for the sensitive and efficient detection of type 1 diabetes.

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